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Thanks Jill, it is lovely to be here today!


Q 1  When did you start writing age?

I have only written seriously for the past ten years. I have always wanted to write a novel or something. When I was younger it wasn’t considered a proper job or rather it didn’t pay regularly. I almost considered getting a job with the Sydney Morning Herald until someone told me I needed an ‘A’ in English. I was only in a ‘B’ class and for some silly reason, I believed them. I was a very introverted & shy teenager.

Q 2  What were your first writing efforts?

I loved poetry when I was in early high school, I had a teacher who inspired and encouraged me. I have always felt comfortable with a pen and notepaper in hand, even if it was to write a shopping list, plan a dinner party or just write silly ideas down. By the end of high school I didn’t write anything creative, even though ideas were still running through my mind. Sometimes I would scratch something down but then throw it away. It wasn’t till my mid 20’s, I thought I’d try a romance, but that wasn’t to be. After moving, relationship breakups, full-time work and saving the work on a floppy disc that was soon outdated, I was back at square one.

Q3  Do you write mainly for children or have you written for adults?


I only began writing children’s stories when I decided to pop by the GCWA writing for children support group. My daughter was about two or three and I thought it may be fun to share stories with her. I also popped into the script writing group, I already had one script completed and wondered if it would help. I did a few more short pieces, one of which won the 2004 GCWA competition. I tried to rebuild my old romance and surprisingly found my old hard copy of the first few chapters. I was amazed to see how my writing had evolved and matured after so many years. It is still in it’s first draft form and needs to be finished. I do a lot of children’s stories these days but also write some crime, horror and chick lit.

Q4  What writing groups do you belong to?

Gold Coast Writers Association and Queensland Writers Centre. I have also been meaning to join SCBWI and ASA.

Q5  I know you are a Gold Coast Writer when did you join that group?

Good question. Maybe 2002?

Q6  Do you think living on the Gold Coast enhances your writing?

No, I think I would write anywhere. I find the best time is sitting up in bed, the half hour before I turn the lights out, using good old pen and paper. It is a time when I let things release on their own!

Q7  When did you become coordinator of The Ten Penners and Writers Force?

Both started for me in 2005! Writers Force my young writers group for 7 – 17 year olds, came about after a discussion at the 2004 GCWA xmas party, which was by the pool at the Royal Pines resort. I thought it was a great idea at the time not realising it was going to be me volunteering my time!


Q8  Did the experience of writing stories, editing, compiling the collection for both Shock, Horror, Gasp and Fan-tas-tic-al Tales, and getting these to publication help you grow as a writer?

Definitely! Maria O’Donnell was co-ordinator for SHOCK! HORROR! GASP! I tried to help as much as I could but she did a fantastic job. I found out exactly how hard she worked when we did FAN-TAS-TIC-AL TALES. I had so many nights staying up till 3 or 4 in the morning toward the end. Just to make sure the deadline was met and the book was the best possible. It burnt me out but it was worth it!

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I am a writer of SciFi Books 'Dual Visions' and it's follow up 'Vashla's world'. I also write book reviews, articles and short stories. Several of my short stories appear in a collaborative book for children called Fan-tas-tic-al Tales written in conjunction with my fellow members of The Ten Penners, this was a follow-up book to 'Shock, Horror, Gasp'. Fan-tas-tic-al Tales was released in 2009, now available in hard copy and on Amazon. We are currently in the completing our next adventure based anthology called 'Mystery, Mayhem & Magic' scheduled for release later in 2017. As a member of BookCoasters the Gold Coast Library blog, complementing my own blog, I enjoy blog being able to showcase my work. My book reviews appear in PIO (Pass It On) and e-Writeabout. I'm a happy Grandmother to two beautiful girls, wife of the ever tolerant Clive, mother of our son Simon. I work part time and lead a busy life.
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