Google Jill Smith author Australian…

I just Googled Jill Smith and the Australian Writers Rock website came up with my book review of Phyllis McDuff book A Story Dreamt Long Ago!

This is a review I did in 2008. Check out some of my more recent reviews on my book review page.

I’ll be adding a new interview or two shortly.

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2 thoughts on “Google Jill Smith author Australian…

  1. Congrats on finding your review on Australian Writers Rock. Phyllis McDuff is a Logan writer I met back in 2007. Thanks for adding my link to your Blog roll. I’ll add you too :))

  2. Hi Karen,
    Yes, Phyllis McDuff is a great speaker too, she came to Gold Coast Writers and was a guest speaker, she also ran a pretty good workshop too. I took away lots of tips that I need to revisit now with my latest project.
    Thanks for the comment

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