Can you name a Villian?

Be in the running for a free copy of Dual Visions when you can help me name a race of Villian’s in my follow-up book Vashla’s World.

Simply post your comment on this page and you’ll be on the list. The best entry wins!

Vashla is a gypsy beauty and a space pirate, her sworn enemy comes from the planet…


2 thoughts on “Can you name a Villian?

  1. Hi, Jill. Not much into sci-fi and fantasy, but I couldn’t resist your appeal for character names. My ‘billliant’ suggestion… VLAD, VLED, VLID, VLOD,VLUD. and I shouldn’t forget VLOLD! and maybe VLUVD?
    Seriously, Jill, you asked how you could get a copy of my book? I’ll gladly send you a complimentary copy, if you’d like to pay postage, which is £7 from UK. If not, I understand perfectly… the postage here is killing any overseas sales I might get. Do you have a Kindle? The book is only $7.70 as an e-book from E-books are wounding the publishing industry, I think. Glad to read you’re having a great Mother’s Day. Love. Mary

    • Hi Mary,
      I’ll gladly pay the postage and am also happy to send you a copy of Dual Visions.
      Thanks for the suggestions, I’m weighing up which I like best.
      Just let me know your BSB and Account number and I’ll transfer the $s for postage, I’ll convert the aussie $ to pounds to make sure I’ll cover it for you.
      Ta Jill

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