Dual Visions second print run buyer…

The first proud purchaser of Dual Visions second print run eagerly looking forward to reading this surprising sci-fi. It is a wonderful heartfelt drama with a tapestry of many individuals who enrich the main characters lives. Together they weave a positive family network, not without heartache along the way and definitely interesting.

I’ve added new excerpts from Dual Visions to tempt new readers to join those who’ve already read and endorsed the book.


2 thoughts on “Dual Visions second print run buyer…

  1. Dual Vision looks like a yummy page turner! I adore sci-fi…from way back to reading all of Heinlein & Alfred Bester with a flashlight late into the night!
    Thank for inviting me to your blog, Miss Jill…and your generosity to other writers shines off your page! Best, Judyth

  2. Hi Judyth, Thank you for your kind thoughts. I would love to share Dual Visions with you. I love your Eat-Write-Travel site, that combines all the things I love most, apart from my family. Please email me if you’d like a PDF copy of my book I can email it to you for $20 Australian. (not sure what that converts to in your currency) Put Dual Visions Purchase in the subject line – jillsmith57@hotmail.com

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