Vashla’s World my follow up to Dual Visions is short listed…


After much deliberation, many sleepless nights, hours of reading and re-reading, and long meetings with lively debate, we have come up with our short list of possible winners. As we are all aware, there are many reasons why manuscripts don’t make the final cut. The other entries all had their merits, but we felt those below had the most potential.In her blog interview with me, Jill Smith asked the following question:Last year you were appointed Managing Editor of Morris Publishing Australia. Has this position given you more insight into other writers and the whole publishing  process?

My first reaction to that question was “God yes!” I now understand the frustration of a publisher’s editor. There are countless  stories submitted that have great merit, but some need a bit of work to get them to publishing standard. As a publisher, you have to choose the ones that are closest to ready as possible. Of course, you also have to look at commercial  appeal – but that is a subjective thing and, right or wrong, you can only rely  on your own judgment and that of your chosen readers.

So right or wrong, this is our list.

Congratulations to the following authors for making the list.
Hettie Ashwin – The Crowing of The Beast

Shirley Coughlin – The Search

Darryl Green – Calvus

Gail Luck – Fiasili’s Legacy

Sally Odgers – Tom’s Island

Dimity Powell – PS What About Christmas

Joan Small – Day of Gooligah

Jill Smith – Vashla’s World

Jackie Tritt – The Invincible Slime of Renown

Lana Webber – Isis, Osiris, Lucifer and Me

Melissa Wray – Crossroads

Now comes the even harder part – choosing five from this list. More sleepless nights and long drawn out meetings will occur.



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