Check out my new book reviews…

I’ve added new book reviews on the book review tab. Check out our great Aussie Authors!

Me & Her – A Memoir of Madness by Karen Tyrrell

This book begins in a motel, with the door being knocked on by police and Karen being very confused about why they are there. They are asking Samantha to come out. That’s not her name. Even more distressing, Karen is taken away and put into a psych ward. What has she done to cause this? She doesn’t understand.

See the rest of this Book Review on that tab!

And another great Aussie author is, Gabrielle Wang, author of the historical series of books, about ‘Poppy’, in her Australian Girl Series. I’ve added my review of these four books too!


2 thoughts on “Check out my new book reviews…

  1. I was glad to have the opportunity to read your book. I’m sure there are many more stories you will want to tell. I look forward to being able to review your next book too. I’d be happy if you would be able to the same for me. Ta Jill

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