Interview with D C Green now posted…

As part of the DC Green Grat Siege Blog Blitz Tour! I welcome D C Green with Plotting and Planning as the theme.  

Q1      When did you start writing?

DC: That’s a four-part answer! I started writing home-made mini-comics when I was six years old. My first fiction story was published in Tracks magazine when I was in Year 12. My first non-fiction article was also published in Tracks. It was the first of my post-degree surfing sojourns through Indonesia. And I began writing children’s novels around seven years ago.

Q2      What were your first writing efforts?

DC: My first min-comic was called Casey the Cop. Casey was a furball with arms and legs who wore a police cap. The crimes he hated most were mouthing off and criminals doing poos in public. I hope my writing has become *slightly* more mature since then!

See the rest of the interview on the Interviews 2012 Tab 


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