D C Green Erasmus James and the GRAT SIEGE blog tour continues…

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Title:     Erasmus James and the GRAT SIEGE

Author: D C Green

Publisher: Barrel Books 

This book begins where the last Erasmus ends, with their escape from Kings Paradise. The ballon with Erasmus, his dad, his loyal (and not so loyal) friends, the kids, and babies in jars, lands on the mainland of Uponia. Once the Mayor of Human Cove,the town they land in, decides they are not a threat, they all get fed. So it all turned out well, or did it? They decide to go to the Golden Castle to catch up with Franklin, who is Erasmus’s talking horse surrogate dad, and his family.

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One Response to D C Green Erasmus James and the GRAT SIEGE blog tour continues…

  1. sallyodgers says:

    This one’s a laugh a min ute:-) Highly recommended for anyone who loves mad, mad, utterly bonkers books with gleeful humour.

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