D C Green Grat Siege Finale..


Welcome to Stop Ten of the DC Green Grat Siege Blog Blitz Tour!

Today’s topic: Sneak Peeks!

Jackie: Can you give us any sneak peeks into Erasmus James and the Grat Siege?

 DC:  I’d love to! Here is the prologue…

Everyone Dies!

I slump against the railing.

My tower view reveals enemy tents and trenches stretched to the horizon, a patchwork of scabs.

The castle defenders have drained their final, stagnant barrel and gnawed their every belt.

One more attack, and we’ll all be overrun.

It’ll be over. Everything. And I mean, everything.

Guess who doomed the universe?

Jackie: Wow! But that was only 58 words! Can we have a longer sneak peak this time please?

DC: I can never say ‘no’ when you say ‘please.’ Here’s the whole first chapter…


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