Somerset Celebration of Literature 2013… I’m booked

somerset 2013I just booked my tickets for Somerset Celebration of Literature on the 13th March, I managed to get a day off work, hooray!Nick Earls

I’ll be going to the adults session Blogging and Author platforms, Nick Earls session a bit later in the day and then The Prologue Party.

Should be great!

Here’s a rundown of the events I’ll be going to;

Writers’ Seminar

Queensland Writers’ Centre presents Blogging and Author Platforms, a seminar with Sarah Gory (QWC) and authors Nick Earls and Paula Weston

In the world of inter-connectivity everyone can be a published writer. Join QWC for an introduction to the basics of creating and activating an online presence and platform. You do not have to be a technical whiz to engage in this informative session where you will learn the ins and outs of blogging and social media, and how they can help you build your platform as a writer and connect with readers. ssc_celebration_logo

In Conversation

Get up close and personal with authors Nick Earls, Tiffiny Hall and Lisa Forrest. This panel session forms part of The Prologue Party.


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