Cruise Diary – Day 2 – 10th October 2013

This was our first full day at sea and our body clocks were still adjusting to doing nothing, something we really needed.

Day 2 10th October

2013-10-10 07.51.37Slept in past the walk around the deck so decided to do it ourselves. Got to the pool deck and it was very windy. Went into Plantations restaurant again for buffet breakfast.

Went back to cabin for quick toilet stop then went to Marquee room for presentation on day tours. Interesting about travel transfers from ship to shore, with our Norfolk tour being in the afternoon we need to go earlier then do our own thing till tour begins.

We headed back to Plantations for a cuppa and pastry, sat in a more sheltered 2013-10-11 08.24.32spot. Then did another quick trip to our cabin, again for the necessary.

Then we did a 5 lap walk around the top deck that had been opened up again. It was blocked off due to the wind earlier. Then we had lunch at the poolside Grill bar, hamburger. We got ourselves a deck chair and soaked up the sun for a bit. The wind was erratic.

2013-10-10 09.47.44Clive went to put our rubbish in the bin and took ages, when he came back he had a two scoop ice cream, he’d asked for 1 vanilla and 1 strawberry, the woman gave him 2 scoops costing $12.95 when he should have paid $10 for 2 singles. It was dripping down his arm when he got to me. He ate most of the vanilla on top and I ate half the strawberry before the messy soaked cone broke and I tossed it.

We moved to a chair nearby in a more sheltered position as the wind had risen again until again we headed to our cabin, still having trouble finding it, depending on which lift we go in. Both of us being tired we had a siesta, much needed and fitting the bill. I played music from my ipad while we rested, Clive slept pretty solidly.P&O Pacific Daily day 2

I checked our Pacific Daily for dress code “Cocktail’ (so formal) and realised we only had half hour to get ready, I showered and dressed then dashed out to find the laundry to iron hubby’s shirt. Then Clive decided the grey pants would be better so again I rushed to the laundry again.

Once we were ready we rushed to the Watermark for tea, this time we were on a table with four other couples and we had another lovely meal before most of the group started heading off to try and catch the 7.15 show.

2013-10-10 10.59.00We knew we wouldn’t catch the show we went to the casino instead. We met Dorn Critchlow, former work mate, I’d seen on fb she would be on the cruise. We didn’t stay long and did $10 in about ten seconds.  Moving on to see what was happening at ‘Connexions’ (a bar with band music), but it was very loud, so we went downstairs from the duty free shops to Charlie’s cafe, got a lovely pot of tea. By then people were coming out of the first show. We headed up to get a seat in the 9.15 pm show. It was a great show, the music and dancing quite outstanding!

Then we bumped into Fiona and Michael again who were planning a cabin pit stop then going back to see the adult comedian. We got back to our cabin and decided to call it a day, time to do this diary.


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