Cruise diary – at sea days 5 and 6 – 13th 14th October

Two more sun soaking relaxing days at sea…

Day 5 13th October

What a lovely lazy day. Woke up 7.30 am we got our tablets down then went out for our 10 lap walk around the deck. Warmer outside but still windy so holding my hat on was a constant challenge. Then we went in Plantations for breakfast.

After that we went back into our cabin. I put on my bathers and little white cover 2013-10-13 15.09.54dress. Headed out to find a deck chair in a more sheltered spot, we did just near the big screen, started with country music, then ‘Wreck it Ralph’. We met another lovely couple, April and Chris, had a lovely chat about everything from family to knee ops and pain tolerance. They kept our deck chairs while we went in to get lunch. We offered to do the same for them, by then though, even with sun cream and towels, Clive felt uncomfortably hot with his face and legs getting burnt, he got up and walked to the shade.

A little while later Alan and Sharon came out from Plantations, clearly looking for a deck chair each, I called them over and offered them ours. We needed to go in to arrange the net and get out of the sun. I asked them to look out for April and Chris, they said they would.

Into our cabin, picked up the ipad, went to the library and logged into the net, at 2013-10-13 15.08.54$55 for 100 mins that’s ok for catching up with news of the outside world. With Bathurst not being shown on the TV and die hard car racing fans desperate to know whats happening and Clive wanting to know if Collingwoods Dale Thomas is still there or moved, which he did to Carlton, and my emails and fb to check, it was a must.

Back in our cabin I downloaded some pics to the ipad. Then showered and dressed for dinner. We went to Plantations again for very light meal. Then off for a walk about the shops in the Atrium area, met Craig and his family again. We were too late for the 7.15 show, Jackie Love. So we filled in time bought photos taken at Norfolk Island, took them back to the cabin.

JackieLove_GrayboyBack out again, still too early for the show we chatted to Jackie outside the Marquee, she was selling CDs. She had been on The Don Lane Show when it was Live TV and she told us that they were great days.

We saw her show at the 9.15pm session, then headed back to bed really tired.

Day 6 14th October

Got up about 6.45am dressed and headed to deck 14 for our 10 laps of the deck. The wind was pretty fierce down the homeward stretch each time, I hadn’t bought my heart rate watch, but am pretty sure it would have been a good workout. Then of course we had another big breakfast, muesli and bran with milk, toast for Clive 3 pieces and 1 round of toast with scrambled eggs for me, followed by juice and a cuppa.

Pacific Daily 14OctWent for a walk out to the back of the ship to find a fairly sheltered spot and watch the wake of the ship. Met up with a lovely older lady called Beverly who had been widowed and was with a group of 12 from her Probus club.

Next into the Marquee for the 2nd part of the Port & Tour presentation. Again interesting run down on the islands coming up. When it had finished I checked out our tickets to discover our next port VAVA’U in Tonga is tomorrow and we have a Polynesian Cultural tour booked. Should be a good one, they also mentioned a Sydney tour with airport transfer available on the 25th when we return. As our flight is 2.05pm that day I think we’ll check it out. Turns out this won’t work for us as our flight is too early to take in the 3 hour tour.

Then went back out to sit on a deck chair for a little while before going back into Mutiny_HMS_BountyPlantations for lunch. PA announcement saying ‘gastro’ on board wash hands regularly. When we left there, above the rear main pool area, deck chairs were available so I got Clive to hold a chair while I went back to our cabin to put on my bathers and get the towels. We watched a movie on the big screen about the first African American baseball player, good movie but we missed the very end as we went to the Mutiny on the Bounty talk. This was very interesting an a prelude to Thursday when the ship reaches the spot the mutiny takes place.

Feeling a bit weary we took a quiet nap in our cabin before heading to Plantations for dinner. Fiona and Michael queued up just as we did so we ate together, big difference getting our meal we were served at every point, even the deserts and tea. Couldn’t fill up our water bottle. Had a nice chat about travels, our UK and France trip, their Great Wall of China trip.

Back in our room we had a move your clock on again, this time by an hour. We decided to stay in, especially after hearing 15 cabins have been quarantined due to the gastro outbreak. Hoping this won’t stop us going ashore tomorrow.


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