Cruise diary – At sea – Day 9 – 17 Oct

Really chilling out while soaking up the history of Captain Bligh and his cast adrift supporters…

Day 9 Thursday 17th October – Mutiny on the Bounty day

2013-10-17 06.43.35Woke up to Islands in the distance and warm sun, got our tablets, dressed and headed out for our walk. I did 15 laps, Clive did 10. Then headed in to Plantations for breakfast. After that found a deck chair on the upper deck beside Fiona and Mike, had a lovely chat.

2013-10-17 08.08.15At 10 am the woman, Joan Druett, who is a guest historian, came out on deck to give the first part of the Bounty talk. The ship was on the exact spot captain Bligh and his 18 supporters were set adrift in the longboat. A lovely lazy sit on deck continued till 11.30am when the ship approached Tofu island and the lady did her second part of the talk.

We stayed a while longer soaking up the sun till we realised the movie wasn’t 2013-10-17 06.43.28going to be on the big TV screen but in the Marquee room. So time for lunch in Plantations.
Decided to check out the photos, still couldn’t find our Pirate pics, found a spot in the atrium and enjoyed a cool down. Got our current spend rate from reception and a cup of tea for Clive, hot chocolate for me from the cafe.

Pacifi Daily 17 OctI tried to log in to the net and failed to remember my password, the guy in reception suggested we go to the Library on Level 8 to see the Internet whiz there. He re-set my password and we were able to do the banking, check emails and ‘Socceroos’ smashed by France 6 vs 0 (oh dear). Then as it was now 4pm, after a lovely chat with a lady called Joan, from South Africa, originally born in Birmingham. As Clive was born in Dudley they shared a ‘black country’ heritage. Back to the cabin for siesta time for Clive, and diary time for me.
cocktail night
I had a shower and got dressed in my French short sleeve shirt and white skirt as it is Cocktail wear tonight then took Clive’s trousers and shirt out and took them to the laundry to iron. Put his clothes, ‘Sitmar’ tie, belt and socks out while he had a shower.

Looking spiffing we headed off to the Atrium to see the acrobats. What a brilliant show. Met Sam and Craig and family, chatted about the trip so far and then headed off to dinner at the Waterfront, we were asked to go back in 40 mins.

2013-10-17 15.24.13Time to do a walk back to the cabin where I downloaded some photos onto the i-pad. About time to head back to the restaurant where we were ushered to table 174. Met up with Hillary and her husband Rob (who looked like a Rob Selkirk clone, Clive’s brother in law, very eerie) Lyn and Shirley, whom we shared many jokes. We laughed a lot, so it was a really good night.
2013-10-17 15.26.46

Followed the lead of the rest of the diners and headed off to catch the Show, it was all musical numbers by a troupe who were performing their last show. We snuck out just before the end and took the stairs right up to 12 from 7 to go outside, humid and comfortable on deck, Man of Steel was on and we saw about the last 10 mins, before going back to our cabin.


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