Cruise Diary Day 12 Port Denarau 20th Oct and Day 13 at sea

Day 12 Port Denarau Sunday 20th October

2013-10-20 04.58.55Another rough night restless sleep, keep feeling like I’ll fall out of bed. Put the cameras on charge as we wake to the view of more lovely Fijian Islands in the mist. Great sunlight on the water. Have to be in the Marquee by 7.45am so got dressed and ready early. Didn’t bother with breakfast just went to get our tour sticker and wait for our tender.

2013-10-20 06.06.46They made short work of getting the tenders out, we were lucky enough to go in on a large catamaran which must have taken 350 or more passengers on it’s three decks. Only 10 mins later we were at the dock, Clive and I both commented on it looking like another Gold Coast and it’s centre very much like Sanctuary Cove.

We were grouped together for our ‘Fijian Fire-walking and Cultural Show’ and 2013-10-20 06.46.30followed our tour guide Tully to the bus. We drove around the various Resort entrance as Tully explained that we were on a man made Island that was especially created by a Japanese consortium for Tourist Resorts.

2013-10-20 07.02.54Soon we arrived at ‘The Westin Denarau Island Resort’ to get our in the simmering heat and walk into the shade of a long house semi circle with chairs arranged inside to take advantage of the view of the grassed central square. We watched several displays, the fire walking, the traditional costume parade and finally the singing. All very entertaining, the ceremony for the fire walking was remarkable, the 2013-10-20 07.05.14stones looked huge and very hot as the smoke filled area was cleared. The costume parade was great too with the ladies traditional dress and the men looking very fierce making a show of it. We really enjoyed the singing and dancing too. The married women had a flower behind the ear on one side, while the one single girl had hers on the 2013-10-20 07.37.16other. There were hand crafts for sale, I saw a turtle I’d like, still not the right size or price. After the show we had fruit and pastries and then a walk around the complex, we were not guests so couldn’t go into the pool but the beach was lovely. Then we went into the resort lobby for some relief from the heat, the air conditioning most welcome.

Once all our orange wrist band bus passengers were loaded back on board we 2013-10-20 06.31.48headed back to Port Denarau. Tully suggested we catch a free shuttle to Nandi to do some shopping, we lined up for this but I realised Clive was pretty had it and we decided to do a little shopping where we were, then catch the next tender to the boat. This time we were on the life boat and a much slower journey.

2013-10-20 08.18.19Arriving back on the ship about 1pm, Clive had a sleep while I did this diary, till about 2pm when we headed out to Plantations. Had a nice lunch then took our cuppa poolside. Clive kept a table while I went back to the cabin to get my bathers on. When I got back Clive had bought me a glass of wine, and a rum and coke for himself. While we were sitting there Craig and Carol pulled up a deck chair nearby and we began to chat. I had my address book in my bag and we exchanged addresses.

A bit after that Fiona arrived ready for a swim, she sat on the end of the deck chair I’d taken up beside Carol. I introduced Fiona to Carol and Fiona to Craig who was now sitting up with Clive talking football. I showed off my brag book 2013-10-20 08.18.04and talked a bit about family. Sam Carol’s son in law arrived shortly after and Carol and Craig had a brief swim. Craig and Sam got a drink from the pool bar.

A bit after that Mike arrived and we exchanged addresses also. We chatted after further introductions then the trivia was announced and Carol wanted to make a team, Mike went up to get a pen and join in. Fiona came back while Mike and Carol tried to guess the 70s songs for the trivia. When they came back they’d guessed 12 and the winner guessed 14 and won the applause of the audience and nothing else.

2013-10-20 08.43.03It was a very pleasant time. I got in the pool but Clive continued to keep out of the sun due to his sunburn from Dravuni. Carol, Craig and Sam headed off, followed a bit later by Fiona and Mike. We went back to the cabin and got changed then went out for tea about 6pm. Had tea at Plantations for another great meal then went to the marquee to catch the 7.15pm show. The singer was an Aussie guy who did a mixture of songs. Then we went to get our Pirate picture, but I didn’t have the receipt so I went to get it while Clive stayed in the watch shop. He wanted that watch. I got back and we got our Pirate pic. We had a debate about weather wetwo pirates P&O should get the watch. Dorn walked passed and stopped to chat and said ‘get the watch.’ Then we went and bought the watch, then headed back to the cabin and bed.

Day 13 at sea 21st October

Got up a bit late and did 12 laps of the top deck, then went to Plantations for breakfast. Saw Fiona and Mike in the queue and Craig shouted hello, followed 2013-10-20 12.54.08Mick and Kim into breakfast. After brekky decided to do the laundry, Clive came with me to 10. $2 for a wash and we had no change, young guy called Chad changed our $10 but we still needed to go to reception for the powder. Called back into the laundry and waited for a machine, put it on and sent Clive up to get a deck chair so we could watch ‘the life of Pi’. We sat on the top deck and watched the movie but the volume went up and down. Clive chatted with another couple Kerry and Anthony who showed Clive the flying fishes.

Got baked a bit so went down for a swim. Lovely and refreshing. Then went back 2013-10-17 09.13.25to the cabin. About 2.45 pm decided to go out, but everything was shut, so we went down to Charlie’s cafe for a cuppa and biscuit. Then checked tomorrow’s tour is OK and she said it was. Then went to library to check on emails, banking and do this diary.

Pacific Daily 21OctThen went up to walk another 10 laps, saw Fiona swimming, Mike turned up as we were lapping our 5th lap, he joined us for the last 5. Back to the cabin to shower and dress after a swim we need it. Still got pink in spots. I did this diary while Clive had a shower.

2013-10-20 12.54.03We went down to the watch shop, as Ophelia our cabin attendant advised we need to turn the clocks back an hour, and Clive wanted to check how to do it. Nice lad Ra changed it for us, showed Clive how to do it, he needs to take the watch off to use the knobs and always move forward.

Then we sat and had a cuppa in Charlie’s cafe as it was too early for the 9.15 show. Met a lovely couple blonde woman Carolyn and husband Mike, they have 2013-10-21 19.44.05two children who have had a great time on the cruise, and chatted to them before heading to the show. The show was not the best, the guy could sing but he was a bit ordinary joke wise. Still it was a free show and we headed back to our cabin about 10 pm.

We loved Ophelia’s animal towel sculptures!


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