Cruise Diary – Day 16 last day at sea 24th October

Day 16 last day at sea 24th October

Clive was still sleeping when I got up about 6.30am and started packing, it was pretty rough and it wasn’t long before Clive was up and opening the door. I was feeling queasy. We decided to go for a walk to get some fresh air. Ophelia was outside when we left so we gave her the tip we’d prepared. The we took her Proud note to reception.

Pacific Daily last dayHad a light breakfast of porridge and toast at Plantations. Then we headed back to the cabin, the weather not for swimming so changed into shorts and headed back to reception to get a feedback on the Security Staff, filled it out then returned it to the desk. Decided to have a pot of tea each at Charlie’s bar, sat on the stools, noticed the lady there is called Gail and will do a Proud note for her and the staff there. Clive notice his watch was not right and shook his wrist, the hands moved, shook again and they flipped again, so we went back to the watch shop. Ra apologized saying it’s definitely faulty and he would either replace it or refund, we left it with him saying we’d go back.

2013-10-24 14.27.54Back in the cabin we did more packing and I grabbed the photos as we were now entitled to a free picture, so we went back to the photo shop to see if we could find the other pictures. The girl checked through about eight files on the computer and didn’t find them. We ended up taking one of the formal night with my glasses on. Somehow we missed getting our Island night picture, and it was quite good, we had done a little pose like we were dancing. I thought we looked good for it too.

Then we met Fiona and Mike who were on the way to the Waterfront for lunch, 2013-10-24 14.45.13amazingly it was already 1pm and we decided to join them. We had a lovely meal and left about 2.15pm, we went outside to sit on deck chairs to soak up the sun and enjoy the calmer seas, then we walked into the Dome that was very comfortable, we had a drink while listening to some kids practicing songs before going back to the cabin to finish packing. I got showered and changed and Clive put on his travelling gear 2013-10-24 14.41.35too. Surprisingly we did get the pics and papers in the case. We managed to close the case and put it outside, it was getting late after 5.30pm, with everything ready it was time to get out of the cabin again.

Went to Plantations for a light tea, then headed to the Marquee for the show, it was really very good with the acrobats and dance troupe performing throughout, a couple of previous shows singers an a magician, lovely end to the cruise. Then back to the cabin and bed as we have an early start tomorrow for our return home.

Day 17 Sydney disembarkation 25th October 

Woke early to the sight of lights in the distance with the moon above and the sun 2013-10-25 06.12.37just rising. Took pics of the harbor as we came in. Then had a quick breakfast for the last time at Plantations before picking up our luggage and head down to the Orient to wait to disembark.2013-10-25 06.12.51

Not too long a wait before going through customs, we declared the wooden stuff and customs and followed the line outside to the buses. Large coach took us quite a distance, or it seemed so, to Kingsford Smith Airport. Went through the check in but too early to check in our bag so went to the little cafe nearby and had a cuppa.

2013-10-25 04.21.00Clive had already spoken to our son Simon several times, so now he rang his sister Christine while we waited, caught up with their France trip and told her about our fantastic cruise. Not long later we lined up with our bag again, this time checked it in, go through customers to set off the beeper, OK scan and sat at gate 53 waiting for boarding at 1.35pm. We were loaded once the plane had arrived and the 2013-10-25 04.25.28previous passengers disembarked, a little late but the pilot said he’d make up some time in the air, he did it took less than an hour. We picked up our case from the luggage carousel, got a cab quickly and was home by 3.50pm, only catch was that Boris wasn’t home so we called his phone and he and Daniella were soon able to give us our keys and mail. Lovely people.

Cats home and running happily in the yard. Clive watching Only Fools and Horses, I’ve unpacked and done 4 loads of washing. So back to cooking, cleaning and the real world.


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