Christmas Stocking Fillers by great Australian authors and illustrators…

More Christmas Stocking Fillers by great Australian authors and illustrators…

For the younger people, ideal gifts for grand children

Kerry BrownKerry Brown ‘Can I Cuddle the Moon’ and ‘Poppy Wash’  delightful picture books for young children. I have read these to my grand daughters and they love them.

can i cuddle the moon cover

poppy wash cover


Michelle Worthington has written several delightful children’s books and Michelle W Aust WRocksourced some wonderful artists to illustrate them. The Pink Pirate, her first book and her latest ‘Each the Same.’

the pink pirate cover

Each the same cover Michelle W





For older children and readers, these are worth putting on your Christmas shopping list

jason chen and the time banana cover

Duncan Richardson’s ‘Jason Chen and the Time duncan richardsonBanana’ is a YA’s book giving the inquisitive child a kids perspective on the history of Brisbane.

elaine oustonElaine Ouston’s ‘The Mystery of Nida Valley’ and her the follow on to this teenage mystery ‘Captured’

captured cover  nida valley cover

Nick Earls Word Hunters series

Word Hunters WAR OF THE Word Hunters coverNick and Terry Word Hunters

A wonderful adventure series about twins Lexi and Alex, who discover that their surname ‘HUNTER’ means just that, they are Word Hunters, who save the words from being lost to the world, they travel through history on this quest.

Again, there are many more books that I can add to this list, I have read and reviewed all these except for the very latest releases. I can vouch for them all, and I will post more Christmas gift ideas soon.


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