Books, Books digitally vs traditional type…

Do you read books digitally or the solid variety? This was a question recently posed by a fb friend.

Interestingly I think the world can handle both.

I read solid traditional books, mostly soft cover, often signed by authors I meet at writers groups or festivals. These are additions to my treasured keep forever bookshelves.

Digitally, I read books I’ve read before. Many of my favourites that in my teens, originally borrowed from a library restoree coverand not got a solid copy to keep, books like Anne McCaffery’s ‘The Ship Who Sang’ and ‘Restoree’.

I also read books by people like Matthew Reilly who has his latest releases on line, just because it’s convenient.

the book theif markus zusakThe latest book I downloaded was ‘The Book Theif’ by Markus Zusak, because we went to see the film and I thought it was excellent. Naturally the book was much more detailed and even better. I’m delighted to see that Markus is a Sydney based writer.

The interesting thing for me is when I read these books digitally I often want to see what the cover is like so I do some on line research. In this case the many varieties of cover reflect the true nature of the book and will lead me to go and get a copy for my every growing collection of books.

I love books and read, as you can tell, often to review and post my thoughts on line through this blog and the many e-writing newsletters I’m associated with.

Which medium do you prefer?


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