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Jim Curson Lucky Me!Terry Spring is a Life Member of Gold Coast Writers who is always busy. She has self published Transported, Twenty Two Truly Twisted Tales, Rainbows End at Double Bay, and now added Tambo Girl and Lucky Me to her growing list of work.transported_book_coverrainbows_end_book_Terry Spring22_twisted_cover_white_bg Terry Springterry spring pic





Like Transported, the events that she relates are real, based on actual documented history.

In this case however Jim Curson is alive to relate the story. What a story it is? At 93 he continues to feel blessed after having survived being a POW who helped build the infamous Burma Railway, under the terrible treatment metered out by the Japanese after Singapore fell. Here is the start of my book review…

Jim Curson at 93 is sharing the story of his life, his loves and surviving the ‘Burma Railway’.

The story begins with Jim’s humble beginnings as a farm boy. He met and married Dorothy, the love of his life and went off to war in 1940. Sapper Curson set sail with his British Unit 251 Field Company, Royal Engineers and joined the fleet to India. Tragedy hit when his ship The Empress of Asia was bombed and sank off the coast of Singapore. Rescued, he found he’d been reported missing, and his wife told he’d been killed in action.

Check out the full review in my Book Review Adults tab.

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