MY UNFORGETTTABLE YEAR By Adem Besim Blog Tour now on

This blog tour is on now. I have reviewed the book and will post it on the 23rd November!


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Adem Besim was born, raised and still lives in Kyabram, Victoria. He is presently My unforgetable year cover Adem Besimstudying for a Diploma in Professional Writing and Editing at Bendigo TAFE.


This is a deeply emotive story told in the first person voice of a seventeen-year-old boy. The themes are many: bullying, friendships, dealing with death, and falling in love. This book will be loved by male and female. 

Blog Tour schedule:

DATE                     BLOG                                               TYPE

Nov-14         Interview

Nov-15          Interview

Nov-16                                                Profile / publisher’s notes

Nov-19                 Interview 

Nov-20                     Interview

Nov-23          Review

Nov 27  Review

Dec-01         Review

Dec-04                Review                 

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