Is it ever ok to abandon a book?

george ivanoff bookshelfIs it ever ok to abandon a book?.

Good question and article by house of books.

I did manage to get through many of my to be read books last year but still have a stack waiting. With our house suffering over clutter, last year I gave away a stack of books, a set of Wilbur Smith books, (oh no I hear a cry), another set of Mills and Boon books I’d somehow gathered and never read and some duplicate copies of books I had.

Is the house any less cluttered? Not as much as I’d hoped.

Do I feel bad about letting them go? Not really as there are so many other great books on my ‘to be read list’.

Last year in rush towards the end of the year I borrowed books I’ve wanted to read from the library. What a delight to enjoy these books and return them.

I will always have books I will treasure and keep, mostly signed by the author, or simply my all time memorable favourites.


3 thoughts on “Is it ever ok to abandon a book?

  1. I abandon any book I don;t want to read asap unless I’m reading it for work. However, borrowing books from the library can be a problem. Authors rely on book sales to live. And that means buying new books. Borrowing from a library does contribute to PLR in participating countries, but borrowing from a friend or buying second hand gives the author nothing.

  2. Hi Sally,
    I borrowed books but usually buy. Susanne Gervey is coming to the Gold Coast and will be speaking at the Gold Coast Writers meeting next month. That means the books I read will be bought and taken to her to sign. I do want to support fellow writers whenever I can.

  3. I hate parting with books but sometimes I find that my book taste has changed and I may have shelves full of ‘to be read’ books of a genre that I’ll now never read. Sometimes you need to make way for the next ‘to be read’ pile.

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