Notes from Somerset 2015

When I go to Somerset, I listen, I write copious notes, I soak up the atmosphere like a sponge and reflect on what makes a successful author and what doesn’t. This year instead of putting said notes and notebook on a shelf to occasionally refer back to, I thought it would be better to share some of the authors comments and insights.

Christine Bongers 9.15am to 10 am years 7 – 9

This was a thoroughly enjoyable session. The students filled the seats and their anticipation was palpable.

I’ll give an ‘in a nutshell’ wrap up of her very accomplished oration.

bongers-christine-somersetFirstly, being born in the middle of nowhere in central Queensland isn’t the end of the world. Even having 6 brothers can work as they made everything a competition, and they played cricket. Cricket, especially for Christine, who was the wicket, was boring. Boring gives you time to daydream. Her daydreaming led to a desire to be something so she did journalism, then discovered she loved radio, then got a job with ABC radio, which led to ABC television, which was even more fun.

Her main tips for budding writers:

1 read a lot

2 write – Write about what you love, and topics you are passionate about

3 live an interesting life

I’ll go on with the next author in my next post.


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