Notes from Somerset 2015 – part 3

Here is the next part of my notes from the fantastic day at Somerset 2015, again the students asked great questions and we all survived the stifling heat in the marquee.

Yvette Poshoglian 11.15 am to 12 noon Years 4 to 7


Being a teacher Yvette pitched straight to her audience and there was a lot of interaction. She asked the kids questions they eagerly answered while delivering invaluable tips on how to become a writer.

Yvette began by saying she has written the Ella and Olivia series. Then said reading is great, discoveringella-and-olivia-super-sweet-stories things in an imaginary world. Her first writing was in Year 7 when she wrote The Cricket Diary, as she loves cricket.

Her writing tips were

1   write a little every day, keep on writing

2   make the characters people you want to follow on their journey, the reader cares about

3   give the character motivation to keep the story going

4   listen to other people, spy on people

5   use all the senses, touch, taste, sight, hearing, smelling and the sixth sense – sensing

frankie fox cover yvette poshoglianYvette explained how she loves kayaking, and the boat houses on the Sydney Harbour gave her the idea for the Frankie Fox books. Then she discussed what makes a good spy because Frankie Fox was a trainee spy.

She said her father speaks five different languages and can slip in and out of crowd unnoticed. That would be an important part of being a spy.

Yvette said she loves books and that book lovers have the power to change things. Movies of books are good too, the book is often better.




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