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David went on to explain that he was fortunate a small production company run by Andy Barclay took up his play ‘Lazarus won’t get out of Bed.’

Writers need to go through the draft process to the other side.dave burton bio pic

Generally he doesn’t show anyone his draft Zero.

Writers need to build confidence and then really go for it.

When someone is asked to read a draft zero the writer should be asking them questions about the draft, such as:

Do I have too many characters?  Is the theme strong enough?

It’s ok to be bad on the first draft. Good writing takes time.

Do a lot of work. Work will be as good as your ambition. Follow that taste and believe in your instinct.

Now is the easiest time to get published.

Writing needs time. Allow for it to be crap for a bit, or at least not as good as it could be.

Use your ‘Following’ on Blog etc to get it better. Write ‘Fan’ fiction to get writing.


Good writing is clear, distilling the foggy into the comprehensible.

CLARITY – Is it clear? Words don’t get in the way.

The challenge is with Fan Fiction as the backbone, a way to find absurd things to write about with hundreds of other people writing stories.

Reliance on the memory of the subject, sit inside the memory. Imagine the scene as clear as possible.ernest hemingway

‘Write hard and clear about what hurts.’ Ernest Hemingway

Write for one person. Writing is telling a story to someone.


The story is for your reader.  Who’s your perfect reader? What does their day look like? What kind of music do they like?

Know your audience. What would they think of this?

It’s way less about seeming impressive and way more for helping. What are you giving your readers?

Yes, there is more to come, the next post is about editing!


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I am a writer of SciFi Books 'Dual Visions' and it's follow up 'Vashla's world'. I also write book reviews, articles and short stories. Several of my short stories appear in a collaborative book for children called Fan-tas-tic-al Tales written in conjunction with my fellow members of The Ten Penners, this was a follow-up book to 'Shock, Horror, Gasp'. Fan-tas-tic-al Tales was released in 2009, now available in hard copy and on Amazon. We are currently in the completing our next adventure based anthology called 'Mystery, Mayhem & Magic' scheduled for release later in 2017. As a member of BookCoasters the Gold Coast Library blog, complementing my own blog, I enjoy blog being able to showcase my work. My book reviews appear in PIO (Pass It On) and e-Writeabout. I'm a happy Grandmother to two beautiful girls, wife of the ever tolerant Clive, mother of our son Simon. I work part time and lead a busy life.
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