Book Review Tapestry by Fiona McIntosh reviewed by Jill Smith

I really enjoyed the journey Jane Granger made.

Tapestry coverHer feisty character and determination make her a loved, yet unpredictable member of the Granger family. Could she settle down? Her fiancé Will adores her and they are planning their wedding. It’s 1978 and Jane should feel elated but she isn’t. Will talks about Ley Lines and the magic they hold. Ayres Rock, in Central Australia, is a spiritual place he wants to take her to. Then a cruel twist throws her already confused mind into disarray. Will needs her to fight for him. Would she be willing to go to this incredible place to sign Will’s name and save him? Would this change how Jane feels about Will?fiona mcintosh pic

Fate steps in, in the form of a mystic, who shows her a way to find what she is looking for. Her journey to Australia is an adventure and her goal is to save Will. When the Ley lines meet she sent on a journey she does not expect. Jane finds herself inside the mind and body of Winifred in 1715. Her husband William is the Earl of Nithsdale, her own Will is his descendant. William the Jacobite fighter for Scottish independence is in great peril. Now Jane as Winifred, must fight for both Wills.

During a perilous journey, Jane discovers what she is searching for.


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