Jo-Kin Battles the It Blog Tour – Karen Tyrrell’s latest book is about to blast off!!

Karen Tyrrell is an award-winning Brisbane resilience author and teacher. Karen presents interactive story telling sessions, creative writing workshops, seminars and author talks in schools, libraries, festivals and conferences. She speaks out on TV, radio and writes for magazines.

Karen T and Jo-Kin cover

Goof ball Josh Atkins aka Jo-Kin wins the Super Space Kid contest alongside nerdy Sam Jones aka Sam-Wich. Their first Super Space Kid mission is to save the galaxy from a deadly alien, called the It. When the It kidnaps Captain Astra, it’s a race against time. Can Josh save Astra, the galaxy and us all … before it’s too late?

Blast off with Jo-Kin in this hilarious space adventure to empower kids with resilience, team building and brain power skills, illustrated by Trevor Salter.

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Jo-Kin Battles the It launches on October 10.

jokin battles the IT coverWhat sets Jo-Kin Battles the It apart?


  1. Jo-Kin Battles the It is entertaining, and empowers kids with resilience and team building skills to help them navigate through life. ISBN 978-0-9943021-0-6
  2. There are fun references and parodies of space movies, TV shows and computer games. The book is illustrated by cartoonist and illustrator Trevor Salter, producing an illustrated novel.
  3. Proudly edited by Penny Springthorpe former editor for Penguin Books and Scholastic.

I’m glad to be part of this blog tour and can’t wait to see what great interviews and book reviews by other authors discover about Jo-Kin Battles the It.

Jo-Kin Battles the It Blog Tour

19 Oct Dee White Blog

20 Oct Di Bates Review

21 Oct Alison Stegert Interview

Jackie Hosking Blog

22 Oct Georgie Donaghey Review & Interview

23 Oct Robyn Opie Review

25 Oct Rebecca Sheraton Interview

26 Oct Sandy Fussell Interview

27 Oct Jill Smith Review

Melissa Wray Blog

28 Oct June Perkins Interview

29 Oct Sally Odgers Interview

30 Oct Kate Foster Interview


One thought on “Jo-Kin Battles the It Blog Tour – Karen Tyrrell’s latest book is about to blast off!!

  1. Thanks Jill for sharing Jo-Kin Battles the It (Super Space Kid #1) I’m really looking forward to your interview

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