Ice Breaker the first book I purchased at Somerset

I attended a session at Somerset Literary Festival early March 2016, presented by Lian Tanner. I shook her hand and introduced myself. She got ready for her meeting with the students who attended by running on the spot. lian tanner

The kids came in. She asked them for story ideas. They giggled and joked while she helped ask the important “what if?” questions. They answered and a verice-breaker aust covery bad story started to come together. At the end of this exercise she said “funnily enough I didn’t write that”.

Then she read the prologue to Ice Breaker. The kids were gob smacked. It is so good, such a hook. You long to know what happened to the metal child. So I had to buy the book. Three hundred years after the initial escape from the anti machinists Petrel is ‘a nothing girl’ barely living aboard the ice breaker Oyster. She had no idea that everything was about to change when she alerted the crew to a frozen boy on the ice. They rescued the boy then bad things started to happen.

This book is wonderfully written and the first of three books, The Hidden Series. Naturally, I will need to read more of Lian Tanner who is an extremely talented Australian author. I’m so glad I met her.


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