The fourth book I bought at Somerset

The fourth book I bought at Somerset

alice miranda on holiday coverAlice Miranda on Holiday by Jacqueline Harvey

I bought this book for two reasons. The first is that my grand-daughter is mad about horses. The second is that by a twist of fate the programme venues had changed. I went to The Great Hall venue, expecting to see P J Tierney, only to find Jacqueline Harvey was the speaker.

This is a delightful story and one I’m sure my grand-daughters will love.jacqueline harvey alice miranda

Not having read earlier Alice Miranda books, I looked forward to my first dabbling into her world. I soon found this child with charm, manners, a strong determined personality, engaging. Her homecoming from boarding school was to be a relaxing break. Some things happening at Highton Hall, gave her a bad feeling. Alice Miranda, together with her friends, set out to get to the bottom of it. jacqueline harvey and alice miranda picHer holiday was hardly relaxing. There was a visiting movie star, a secret birthday party, a missing Queen, and a mystery to unravel.

Her pony Bonaparte was naughty and eating cabbages gave him wind. My grand-daughters will laugh when they read this. They have horses of their own. This is a series I will be getting for them both to read as they get older.

Jacqueline as a former boarding school teacher has a brilliant website, There is a name generator, lots about her books Alice Miranda series and the Clementine Rose series. It’s colourful and engaging. Just what kids love.



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