The next two books I bought after Somerset

As everyone who’s read this blog will be aware I buy a lot of books, I read and review most of them. bio pic straight hairfetcher-s-song cover

After Somerset, having been so delighted with the event, I bought the remaining two books in The Hidden Series by Lian Tanner; Sunker’s Deep and Fetcher’s Son.

I will be reading these soon and sharinsunker-s-deep coverg my reviews.

However, I had been given by my dearest husband, ‘The Sending’ by Isobelle Carmody, Book Six of ‘The Obernewtyn Series.

I’ve also purchased several other books by local authors through Gold Coast Writers, again to read and review. ‘A Simple Mistake’ by Andrea Grigg, and ‘A Dragon in the Snow’ by Darryl Greer.

So you can sKaren T and Jo-Kin cover red wigee I’ll be busy reading these. As a friend of many of the authors who ask me to read and review books I often get manuscripts that are not yet published. I’m reading one of these called ‘Our Song’ by Terry Spring.

Followed on the heels of this book is a blog tour of another exciting episode in Karen Tyrrell’s Jo-Kin series. Watch this space for more on this.



One thought on “The next two books I bought after Somerset

  1. Well done Jill. Good to see you getting your books out there. Sounds like you’ll be reading lots this long weekend. Enjoy!

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