Dual Visions and Fan-tas-tic-al Tales at Bookface Pacific Fair

me and my books at bookface pac fairDual Visions, my Sci-fi book. Fan-tas-tic-al Tales. A book of short stories, poems and novellas for children 8 to 12. Written by The Ten Penners, are both for sale at Bookface Pacific Fair.

This is a lovely bookshop with café attached.

I’m delighted to be on the shelf with many other local and talented authors.bookface local authors

If you haven’t been able to pick up a copy before now go in and check it out.

I’m hoping to add more titles soon. I notice many of the books there I’ve read and reviewed. Such as Chameleon by Kathy Stewart, and Karen Tyrrell’s Me & Her, Me and Him, Jo-Kin Battles the It and many more.




3 thoughts on “Dual Visions and Fan-tas-tic-al Tales at Bookface Pacific Fair

  1. Well done Jill! Just wondering … is The Broadbeach Library at Albert Waterways complex? For next Saturday morning. Cheers and have a good week ~ Julie


    • Congrats for getting your book, Dual Visions at Bookface. Thanks for the rap about my books too … Karen Tyrrell

  2. Hi Julie, Yes 7th May at Broadbeach Library in the front nearest the door meeting room. I’ll be there. So will Marion. I think Kate is going to be at the Library Robina for the Louis Kusac workshop. Love to catch up then. Jill

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