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Jo-Kin vs LORD TERRA Super Space Kids 2

Karen Tyrrell and Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra

I am delighted to be part of this Blog Tour. Karen Tyrrell is an inspirational writer, speaker and award winning children’s resilience author. This Blog Tour is part of her launch of her second book in the Super Space Kids series, Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra. An action-packed FUN space adventure for kids 7-12 … into the cosmos.

Jo-Kin Battles the It, and Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra, (Super Space Kids). Are out NOW on Amazon and in book shops across the galaxy.

Don’t forget the Giveaway, post your comment to be in the running to win you’re own copy of this fun book.

This is my book review of Jo-Kin vs LORD TERRA Super Space Kids 2   

Josh Atkins is happy at school. He is making friends and feeling good about himself. Whenktyrrell-jokin-cover-lsi.indd he gets a message to rejoin the Super Space Kids team again he tries to ignore it. When Captain Nova turns up at school and tells him that he has to help save his younger sister Pandora. He will collect Josh the next day at school, he tries to get out of it.

He is reluctant to take on the role of Super Space Kid again. Especially after his terrifying ordeal battling the IT! Captain Nova tells Josh he his friend Sam have to battle Lord Terra and his sidekick Prince Poison. Knowing that lives are at stake and Lord Terra is on his way to destroy Earth, he can’t refuse. His buddy Sam will be there with him won’t he?

Sam has an accident and can’t go on the mission. Who will replace him? The Super Space Kids have to work as a team to overcome this evil menace.

Leaving Earth Josh’s family arrive at the launch pad to see him off. His mother in her big rollers smothers him with kisses. His dad bites his nails and tells him to be careful because he’s scared of heights. His little sister demands he brings something back for her. And his baby brother clings to him.

Mitch the fourth member of their team is not a team player. Josh wonders why they chose him. Mitch goads Josh and disobeys the rules. Will they be able to overcome the hideous monster Lord Terra and his smelly side kick Prince Poison?

Karen Tyrell as Captain-AstraThe final battle taking place on the Planet Deelish-us will make kids mouths drool.  It smells like oven roasted pizza. With Rocky Road Mountains and hot chilli sauce erupting around them. Honeycombe Hill or Crinkle Cut Chips Canyon could hide the Junior Space kids. Giant wolf like creatures that eat people are there too. It’s a dangerous place to be.

This book reads like a comic book hero’s battling the forces of evil. It deals with facing your own fears and overcoming impossible odds. Karen Tyrrell has presented another readable book for kids with an underlying resilience theme. The illustrations match the comic book feel. It’s not hard to see that Josh will be blasting off on more epic adventures.

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Book Giveaway

WIN one of two signed copies of Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra OR 3 eBooks OR signed artwork from illustrator Trevor Salter.

For a chance to WIN prizes … Just leave a comment on any of the above websites.

Winners announces on 6 June. Good luck 


2 thoughts on “Jo-Kin vs LORD TERRA Super Space Kids 2

  1. WOW Thanks Jill
    For your awesome review of Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra !!!
    Can’t wait for your readers to leave a comment here for a chance to win 5 Copies of Jo-Kin vs Lord Terra and artwork from the illustrator!!
    Karen 🙂

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