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Song Bird – Superhero Book Review by Jill Smith

ktyrrell-songbird-coverBook Review by Jill Smith©Sept16

Title: Song Bird – Superhero

Author: Karen Tyrrell

Publisher: Digital Future Press

Rosella Ava Bird dreams of flying. Will she ever do it? They’d just moved to a new home and she would be starting school nearby. Her new neighbor Frank Furter is mean to her. He points laser light at her and laughs when her flying inventions crash.

Her mum is a health and safety person and obsessed with keeping everyone away from danger. Friends at her old school called her mother hen because her mum fusses over her family. Especially Rosie, because she keeps building flying machines and other things that don’t work. Her dad cooks great breakfasts, and has an embarrassing car horn. He bans her from making anymore flying machines. Disaster!

Her sister and brother are both named after birds too.  Little brother Robin and big sister Raven. They start at their new schools the same day as Rosie.karen-t-songbird

Rosie loves superheroes and longs to be just like them. She watches the news for their acts of heroism. She has posters of her favourite inventors and flyers on her wall. She also loves to sing. Whenever she needs to be a bit braver she sings a song to herself. When she gets ready to go to her new school she packs her lunch in a bag with flying stickers on it.

Once she starts school she her dreams become very realistic. Sometimes they become nightmares with Frank Furter in them. He is in her grade and he turns out to be the bully at her new school. Will she fit in?

The rules at the new school don’t make it easy;




Even though things go wrong from the first day. Rosie makes friends and the School Science Fair gives her a project to be excited about. Maybe she could make something that will make the other kids like her. That’s if she’s able to enter it.

Her new teacher, Miss Darling, encourages her not to give up. Rosie starts to believe in herself. She discovers her voice can lift her off the ground. It’s amazing and causes her trouble too. When things go wrong at the science fair Rosie saves the day.

This is another great story of self-empowerment for children by Karen’m sure it will go well with all her other books for children. I’ll be giving a copy to my granddaughters to read. I look forward to seeing more about how she came to write this book in the blog tour.

Great offer…Karen Tyrrell gives you this too :-

FREE Teacher Resources and kids activities for Song Bird.

Includes STEM science, creative writing, flying history, art, craft, maths, literacy, drama, social skills and bully prevention. Download HERE.

Song Bird Superhero by Karen Tyrrell is now available on Amazon HERE

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8 thoughts on “Song Bird – Superhero Book Review by Jill Smith

  1. What a fun idea for a story. Yes, there are obstacles in her way, but I love how Rosie dreams big.

    1. Hi Mary,
      thanks for leaving a comment. YES, Rosie Dreams BIG … by day and by night.
      Good luck in the Song Bird Superhero book giveaway…
      Karen 🙂

  2. Thanks Jill for this awesome review … I really appreciate you helping me launch Song Bird Superhero out into the world … Karen 🙂

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