2018 writing plans…

De-clutter is the theme for 2018.

Starting off by cleaning out my emails!

laptop imageIn Gmail, I had over 6600 emails in Social, although some are very interesting posts from writers and great writing tips, the truth is I read the odd one and let them accumulate. I’m deleting 50 at a time and am back to February with most of the emails unread! So, taking a deep breath and trying very hard to say, that post from Joanna Penn looks good, or the Cath Crowley interview there is one to read and keep (which I still did), or that’s a release I remember seeing but nothing more – augh! They are all going into the cyber bin and I’ll start 2018 carefully scrutinizing if I need all these lovely titbits or whether I can simply unsubscribe – yes Top Gear must go! Then there’s the over 10,000 emails in Promotions with a minefield here with LOWES, Dan Murphy’s, Jeanswest and Chemist Wharehouse among so many more (do I really need these promotions?) and in between the authors giving practical tips and writing groups like ‘girl and duck’ (although they link to Facebook) Kate Forsyth (who I love) and Grammarly, that I do want to keep (augh again!) and Updates tabs. So it’s out with the old and cull the new arrivals making it more practical. Then I MUST empty the BIN!!

My computer guy ‘Guy’ gave me a present for Christmas when he cleaned out my jill bio pic cropped sep17computer ‘How to get organised’ PDF with helpful tips on how to stop the junk on my PC making it slow to the point of not working. Thanks, Guy, I will be putting those tips to good use.

The First Stage of my plan for 2018 is to finally figure out how to use technology better.

Simply looking up https://www.computerhope.com/shortcut/word.htm helps no end. Alright, I’ve always known from stuff I’ve done in the past that Control C is COPY, and Control V is PASTE, and recently I discovered Control A is Select all contents of the page, I didn’t know Control L Aligns the line or selected text to the left of the screen (some of you will be saying ‘That’s obvious Jill’)

I have my books on Create Space but I can’t get them into Kindle (or are they already just a step away?) So, right now my aim is to have the correct links added so that my readers, friends and family can share them around so that people can buy my books.

Dual Visions front 29.06.17 (2)This is part of it – my link to Dual Visions, Book 1 of the Ancient Alien Series in book form  https://www.amazon.com/Dual-Visions-Jill-Smith/dp/1545398984

I’ve also left some books with ‘Peter Pal’ Library Supplier and will follow up with them. I’ll complete my Neilsen BookData details also.

The Second stage of my 2018 writing plan is my NaNoWriMo manuscripts, to review, re-edit and rework into final products. My aim is to have both ‘Microworld’ and the third book in The Ancient Alien Series completed and published in 2018.

All this is while I’m reading and reviewing books, naturally! Another busy year ahead.

Sounds like a plan!


About jillsmith

I am an author of SciFi Books 'Dual Visions' and it's follow up 'Vashla's world' now retitled Book 1 and Book 2 of the Ancient Alien Series, as I've written the third in the series currently titled Travellers. I also write book reviews, articles and short stories. As a member of The Ten Penners, I've written six short stories in a collaborative our anthology for children called Fan-tas-tic-al Tales (released 2009), and nine stories including a novella in Mystery, Mayhem & Magic (released 2017). They are both available in hard copy and on Amazon as ebooks. I blog to showcase my work. My book reviews appear in PIO (Pass It On) and e-Writeabout. I'm a happy Grandmother to two beautiful girls, wife of the ever tolerant Clive, mother of our son Simon. I work part time and lead a busy life.
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One Response to 2018 writing plans…

  1. You can do it! I am pretty ruthless with my emails and IT stuff but not the household clutter. Happy New Year 2018 🙂

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