YA Sci-fi my favourite genre…

I’ve started 2019 by reading lots and some from author friends who’ve I’ve wanted to read for a long time.

starchild book 1 cover

Book Review by Jill Smith ©Jan19

Title: Starchild 

Author: Vacen Taylor

Publisher: Odyssey Books

The Powers of the Seven Nations of Saha’s will be tested as the prophecy of the Star Child becomes reality. Mai is chosen to go on a pilgrimage, her brother Long goes with her as her chaperone. Their journey is to the Valley of a Thousand thoughts as they are both Thoughtbankers, with the ability to read people’s minds.

vacen taylor

They start their journey across the deserts towards their destination when they come across a crater. They investigate and meet a strange boy called Akra, who is still recovering his memory and his skills. Akra is the Starchild, the three travel on to battle with the elements. The trio faces many dark challenges, desert serpents, being chased by Beings from the Underworld. Having to milk Spiderflax to create a waking potion for a sleeping oracle whose powers are being used by the Dementra underworld being.

Vacen is a writer friend of mine, she told me that she writes horror.
To me, this is a science fiction fantasy along the lines of my favourite author Anne McCaffrey and her Dragon series. The characters are instantly likeable as sister and brother face a common foe. The end of this first book alludes to more twists in their relationship as they continue their journey.

I can’t wait to continue the journey in the next Starchild book.

Another read in this genre begins with this first book in the series by Sally Odgers. I read this book and the next two one each day. The characters are so real, flawed likeable and the turn of events so dramatic. 

elysian dawn cover

Book Review by Jill Smith©Jan19

Title: Elysian Dawn – Elydian Dawn Book 1

Author: Sally Odgers

Publisher: eXtasy Books Inc or Devine Books

Seventeen-year-old Marianne Arcadia is planning to marry Jeremiah. The Elysian Dawn is a space ship and the only home she’s ever known. She has never experienced pain other than scratches and never seen death. The Healer Moon has matched her to Jeremiah, she loves him, but she’s still growing and can’t marry till she stops. Then they’ll have children who will be the next generation and the generation after that might reach their destination and settle on the new world.

sally odgers

Jeremiah is handsome and older than Marianne. He was born on Terra the old world they left behind he was very young when they left so his memories are sketchy. He is devoted to Marianne. Esden Balm adores Marianne but realises he will never be with her. They are eighteen years into a journey.

They know nothing of the advancements in space propulsion that means the journey of a century can now be completed in years. Cornelia Conti was one of the Faceless Four of Outward-Bound who instigated the First Launch of Elysian Dawn to beat Ganes and Zulu Queen.  The changes this causes means other planets are populated long before Elysian Dawn has reached its destination. Meera Singh is a first-born citizen on the new world Shiva. Her brother Jameel Sing intends to travel to Terra to meet his fiancée’s parents.

Everything changes when the Elysian Dawn crashes into a planet eighteen years after launch.

the silvering cover
new dreams cover

Once you’ve read this you immediately need to read the next two books in the series –

The Silvering is book 2 and New Dreams book 3. I went from a Goodreads 4 star rating to 5 stars at the end as the three books together have added layers that create a satisfying conclusion. This, of course, could lead to more.


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