Books on Tour Blog Tour kicks off with…

The Blog tour kicks off with Romi Sharp of Just Write for Kids post. This is a delicious introduction to the creative world of the author Grace Nolan.

Learn the Tens Facts with Grace Nolan

Posted on February 22, 2021 by Romi Sharp

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Just like her new picture books, author Grace Nolan is an absolute delight to meet! Her adorable counting, adding and subtracting series, One to Ten and Back Again (illustrated by the amazing Nancy Bevington), teaches basic number facts to and from ten, all in the most engaging and playful way. Celebrating the release of the first book, Ten Naughty Numbats, welcome to our Aussie adventure! 

Learn more about Grace’s ‘Tens Facts’ with this fun questionnaire! 

For the full post go to the blog – http://www.justkidslit.com.au

Luckily for us there is more about this


Review: 10 Naughty Numbats


10 Naughty Numbats is a fun and engaging counting book that is perfect for reading out loud and features all kinds of Australian animals.

This is a great book that reads well and has gorgeous illustrations. It is well written and is great to read out loud. I also really enjoyed the last few pages that are nice and interactive.

For more of this review check out https://ragamuffinbooks.home.blog/2021/02/22/review-10-naughty-numbats/

Stay tuned for the rest of the blog tour, happy reading. – Jill

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