Marisa Parker books in my book collection

A talented local author, and former President of Gold Coast Writers Assoc. Marisa has written two beautiful books about her parents’ lives. https://www.marisaparkerauthor.com/

Here’s her Bio

Ciao! My name is Marisa Parker. I am the middle daughter of Italian parents,
Eugenio Piergiovanni and Maria Martore. Despite a thirteen-year age gap between
them, my parents were adventurers and always looked on the bright side of life. I’ve
recounted their story in two books (both award-winning).
The first is GOODBYE TO Italia (2016) and tells of their diverse and courageous
experiences during the dreadful World War 2 years, in Italy and Africa.
The second, Ciao! WE’RE IN AFRICA (2018), follows my parents, once they marry
and decide to risk everything, by leaving Italy for Africa.
I currently live in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Australia with my husband. We have two
grown-up daughters who were born in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), the land of my birth. I
completed a master’s degree in project management (2012) and just recently, a
diploma in Editing and Publishing.

Please indulge in reading great local authors books, as I do. Happy reading! – Jill

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