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Christine Bongers books next in my book collection…

Christine presents difficult topics through teenage girls eyes, so realistically it makes you feel sad, confused and frightened with the characters.

I love her writing and have enjoyed her presentations at Somerset Storyfest.

If you like Fiona Wood, Cath Crowley or Jaclyn Moriarty, you’ll love Christine Bongers’ gripping new coming of age story, Intruder.

I don’t walk past the house next door. I wish the woman who lives in it was dead. Which makes it hard . . . because she was the one who came running when I screamed.

Kat Jones is woken by an Intruder looming over her bed. She’s saved by Edwina – the neighbour Kat believes betrayed her dying mother.

Her dad issues an ultimatum. Either spend nights next door, or accept another Intruder in her life – Hercules, the world’s ugliest guard dog. It’s a no-brainer, even for dog-phobic Kat.

When she meets adorkable Al at the dog park, finally Kat has someone to talk to, someone who cares.

But the prowler isn’t finished with Kat. To stop him, she needs Edwina’s help . . . and what Kat learns could mend fences – or break her fragile family apart forever.

About the Author
This is her bio from her website:

Christine Bongers grew up with six brothers on a farm outside Biloela, Central Queensland during the 1960s and 70s.


She attended Jambin State School and Biloela State High, then moved to Brisbane to attend University (and more than three decades later is still there).

After a couple of misguided attempts at a psychology degree, Christine found her bearings in journalism, became besotted with radio, tripped and fell into television, segued into public relations and ended up writing for a living for most of her adult life.

Christine has worked as a broadcast journalist on the ABC, and in commercial television and radio, in Brisbane and London. She has also written and directed two environmental television documentaries, and run her own media consultancy.

Christine turned to writing fiction in the mid-2000s and in 2008 completed a Master of Arts (Research) at QUT in writing for young people.

Her debut novel Dust, published by Random House Australia in 2009, was judged a Notable Book for Older Readers in the CBCA Book of the Year Awards and was Highly Commended in the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards for Children’s Fiction.

Her second novel Henry Hoey Hobsonwas shortlisted for the CBCA Book of the Year for Younger Readers, the WA Premier’s Book Awards and the Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards 

Her latest novel for teens, Intruder, won the Davitt Award for Best Debut Crime Book, and was shortlisted for the CBCA Book of the Year for Older Readers.

Drongoes, her illustrated chapter book for newly independent readers,was published by Scholastic.

Christine is currently working on a middle grade novel, How to Destroy Earth (Part One).Christine shares her life with husband Andrew, children, Connor, Brydie, Clancy and Jake, and their dog, Huggy, the Derek Zoolander of Beagles (really, really, really good looking, but not very bright).

More of my favourite authors books soon. – Jill

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