NaNoWriMo prep time

NaNoWriMo announcement…

November is getting close and thinking of what I’m about to do during NaNoWriMo. I’ve decided to do another editing month to clean up the third book in ‘The Ancient Alien’ series.

I’ve been learning more editing tricks and hope I’ll get the book in ship-shape ready to publish.

This is my NaNoWriMo Profile.

Hi NaNoWriMo writers,


I’m Jill Smith and I’m the author of Dual Visions, Book 1 of The Ancient Alien Series, and Vashla’s World, Book 2 of the Ancient Alien Series. ‘Travellers’ Book 3 of the Ancient Alien Series is a manuscript I’m working on now during this NaNoWriMo 2021.

I’ve also written a Young Adults Science Fiction manuscript called ‘Microworld’ and ‘Microworld Undersea’ both former NaNoWriMo projects. I’m combining the two having edited the first half last year during 2020 NaNoWriMo editing 50,000 words over the month using the 1 hour equals 1000 words equation.

My other books are the adults writing for children group, The Ten Penners, anthologies. Fan-tas-tic-al Tales has thirty-four short stories for children, six of which are mine. And the next adventure based anthology called Mystery, Mayhem & Magic launched in 2017 that has nine stories written by me, including a novella. The Ten Penners is a subgroup of the Gold Coast Writers Association. I have been a member of this club for more than twenty-five years.

I also put a lot of work into my blog where I showcase, book reviews, interviews and short stories and partake in blog tours. I’ve recently begun writing a post every day and I’m up to 55 days in a row.

As a member of Michelle Worthington’s Share Your Story Group I have a story in the 2019 Anthology for this group called ‘Spooktacular Stories’, and this year I’ll have a story called ‘Larrikin Lyle’ in their 2020 anthology ‘Tell ’em You’re Dreaming’ anthology.

I’m a reader of many genres and a writer of book reviews published in various online magazines including the Gold Coast Writers e-Writeabout, Pass It On (PIO).

Although 2020 was a tough year, it has also been exciting. I updated Dual Visions and Vashla’s World available through Ingram Spark as ebook and print distribution.

This year 2021 I’m editing Travellers the third book in the ancient alien series. I’m changing the title and attacking the editing full on. Happy NaNoWriMo everyone!

Now I’ve announced my intentions, I’m re-reading my manuscript as I wrote it two years ago and although I have edited it once, I’ve been improving my skills and need to revisit this book before preparing to publish it. Happy NaNoWriMo preparation everyone! – Jill

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