Family history…

I’ve been putting up pictures in our new home, filling frames and reliving our family history.

I love seeing pictures of our family in frames and bringing to life old photos of my parents there too.


I’m reminded of my first book creation ‘ninety years young’ which way back in 1985 with a toddler in tow, I recorded my Grandmother Mary Janet Rizzoli recounting memories of her life. I asked her questions and she answered. She was the matriarch of our family and she couldn’t understand why I wanted to do a book on her life because ‘I haven’t done anything!’ Right, she was born in December 1899 two days before the new century. She saw two world wars and many changes. She lost her first husband Ern in a mining accident when my mother was a toddler and her sister was on the way to being born. She had a remarkable life. We gave her this book for her birthday when we celebrated her turning ninety.

Heather – my mum

I enjoyed the experience and think she did too. It was delightful when I’d be working away and typing up the transcript on the computer talking to her about where I was up to, she would interrupt me with a whole new story. My mother had researched our family tree and she added birth certificates, letters, pictures of the farm gran retreated to after Earn died. She was forty years a widow before she rekindled a relationship with a boy she used to go dancing with as a teenager. That was during the war days when they were sending off the boys to win the war.

Lyle – my dad

My grandmother saw her brother show off his first car a Model T Ford. She saw the world change to where garbage was collected from homes which she thought was such a waste. The fowls ate the food scraps, paper items were reused or burnt. Clothes were adapted and reused. She didn’t agree that we needed rubbish collected. What she thought of man walking on the moon and all the technological developments in the latter part of her life, I can’t imagine.

I’ve been blessed with a happy life as a child. I married the man of my dreams and we’ve been together for forty-four years. Now, I’m happy to see our son and his second wife happily moving on with life and sharing the joy our granddaughters bring.

framed pictures

our wedding day 1977

I’ve been preparing my NaNoWriMo. I’m always reflective of the projects I’ve completed previously during my November writing mayhem, and how much I’ll annoy my husband while I’m doing it. Happy reading, writing my friends and blog followers. – Jill

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