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IF YOU PROVIDE A PDF and are able to pay a small $5 to $15 fee, and if it fits my book acceptance criteria I will try to fit it in with my workload. (I have reviewed books and not charged if they are part of a blog tour or I’ve reviewed many of that authors books previously.)

The time it takes for me to review your book. I want to do a good job for you. If there is a deadline please let me know when you’d like it by, I’ll let you know if I can accommodate your request. I accept e-books and paper books to review also. 

I DO read and review mostly young adults, fantasy, science fiction, some historical fiction, picture books and children’s books. I am open to varying different genres so please do send me a message and we’ll take it from there! 

I DON’T accept any political or comic satires, any political books or social commentary.

Life is busy and I read all the time. My reviews always appear on Goodreads, I also send Australian authors books to Gold Coast Writers Association for their e-Writeabout magazine. If you are an Australian Children’s Author you will be aware I also submit to Pass It On which is a magazine that goes to schools throughout Australia. 

Please contact me with your details and the book details by using the contact form on this site or below:

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