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Jill Smith Aussie Author
Order a physical book or a Kindle version or any other medium you use, please look up my books through the following ISBN numbers, or follow the links.
These books are also available through me, the author. I’d be happy to send you a signed copy if you contact me through the Contact tab. – Jill

Adults Science Fiction Books

Dual Visions front 29.06.17 (2)DUAL VISIONS Book 1 of the Ancient Alien Series

Richard Davidson is abducted and taken to the other side of the galaxy where his life is changed forever. He finds love, friendship, and companionship with Davrew, a space born clone. Together they return to Earth and learn about each other, face prejudices on Earth, and continue to grow as they start a family. They expand on the original experiment Richard and his fellow captives were taken to be part of so they can increase the population of a dying species. Rakal, a space pirate crash lands on Earth and the Davidson family is at risk of having their anonymous existence exposed

ISBN: 978-0-6481708-2-2   PAPERBACK

amazon link Amazon $18.39 

fishpond link $25.47 Paperback

ISBN – 13: 978-0-6481708-3-9  EBOOK

Amazon $2.99

booktopia link  $4.39 e-book

Vashla's World cover July17VASHLA’S WORLD Book 2 of the Ancient Alien Series

Rakal becomes a family member as he partners one of Richard and Davrew’s offspring in Tam. His cousin, Vashla is living on her own planet, VaLinta that she acquired after bearing a son, and watching the inhabitants die of a disease. Rakal and Vashla have another formidable cousin Zorn, who is ruthless in his pursuit of power, Vashla and as many planets he can dominate. His mining planet Xamba is polluted and foul. Vashla disappoints Zorn when she rejects him for Gardt Ness, as space pilot from Ghaur, an overpopulated planet. The result of the conflict between Zorn and Vashla is a battle that involves all five planets. 

ISBN : 978-1-8758656-7-3 PAPERBACK VW

amazon link

Amazon Paperback $19.22

ISBN : 978-1-8758656-8-0 eBook

ebook amazon link

Children’s Books – Books by The Ten Penners

ten penners 3 books

Fan-tas-tic-al Tales

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fan-tas-tic-al-tales-cover.jpg

A collection of thirty-four short stories, poems and novellas by The Ten Penners. I have six stories in this book released 2009.

ISBN: 9-780980-355017


AMAZON amazon link

Mystery, Mayhem & MagicMystery, Mayhem & Magic

The Ten Penner’s new adventure based anthology of short stories, novella’s and poems now available through Amazon – Mystery, Mayhem & Magic, I have nine stories in this anthology. I have 9 stories including a novella in this book.

ISBN : 0-6481708-0-2

ISBN – 13: 978-0-6481708-0-8

AMAZON amazon link

Children’s Books

Books by Share Your Story group created by Michelle Worthington

I’ve been privileged to enter and be accepted in the last two anthologies for this group.

Spooktacular Stories – Thrilling Tales for Brave Kids – released 2019 with proceeds going to children’s hospitals

ISBN : 9-780648-227069

AMAZON $12.53

TELL ‘EM THEY’RE DREAMING Bedtime Ballads & Tall Tales from the Australian Bush – released November 2020 with proceeds going to the New South Wales Fire service 

ISBN : 978-0-68773207 Paperback

booktopia link

AMAZON $14.88

ISBN: 978-0-648773214 eBook

These books are also available through me, the author. I’d be happy to send you a signed copy if you contact me through the Contact tab. – Jill


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