Dual Visions Synopsis

Richard Davidson feels stifled. At seventeen, he leaves the security of his Aunt’s home and looks to a future away from arguments, jibes and harassment by his cousin Bill. Reaching the crest of the hill on his journey along a deserted road he finds a new future, one he could never imagine.

Meanwhile, Ancient Aliens had travelled to Earth to find those needed to complete their experiment, and Richard becomes a pawn on their experimental chess board. Among this alien race, and stranded on a space station above the dead planet Orthama, he finds new friendships, beliefs, and love among his captors.

But Richard’s eventual return to Earth is not what he expects. Together he and his partner Davrew try to build a new life facing bigotry in a small rural community. They renovate a grand old homestead, re-establish an orchard, and create a sustainable vegetable garden, returning their property to its former glory. Davrew is kind, loving and totally committed to the family they raise together; however, the problems they face cause the couple to drift apart, only to be re-united by a friend’s tragedy.comets-of-space-attacks-peace-planets

Richard’s and Davrew’s children face a changing world full of challenges. Miri, the eldest, is a homemaker. Second child is Gem, the entrepreneur. Third born is Bon, the family medic. Fourth is Sal, the naturalist and horticulturalist. Fifth is Tam, the historian and academic. The sixth born child is Ash, the mechanic and inventor. Their youngest child is Mica, the linguist.

The Davidson’s family’s ability to make the unconventional seem normal is tested when Rakal, an antagonistic alien space pirate crashes his spacecraft near their home, providing a brief and frightening first encounter. However, years later, Rakal returns to Earth again and the secure anonymous family life the Davidsons enjoy is changed forever. Rakal stages a worldwide show, drawing the Davidson family into the spotlight.

bio pic straight hairBut Richard and Davrew are reluctant to introduce themselves and their family to the world. With contempt and bigotry building after several traumatic events, the home they’d made may no longer be safe and they consider leaving Earth. However, what appears to be hopeless, now becomes a new start, and the world can see hope through ‘dual’ visions.

Perhaps then, together, human and dual kind can repel the new threat from space…


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