Dual Visions Synopsis

Dual Visions front 29.06.17 (2)Ancient Alien Theorists believe humans are descended from aliens that visited Earth centuries ago. They intervened to create an intelligent, adaptable and innovate race – people! What if it were true?

Richard Davidson, at seventeen, is leaving the family home. Orphaned at an early age he was raised by his loving aunt and uncle on a farm in central Victoria, Australia. His cousin, Bill, made his life miserable, especially since his uncle’s recent death. Now on a deserted stretch of country road, carrying all his worldly goods in his backpack, he strikes north to a new life. On the crest of a hill, he is taken away in a spaceship to the other end of the universe. There he finds friendship and love with his alien partner, Davrew.

Returning to Earth presents new challenges. Richard and Davrew endure bigotry and 2017-06-13 17.32.36prejudice as they start a family but the local farming community do not know they are part of a new branch of the genetically advanced interbred race. How could the community cope knowing the truth?

Rakal, an interplanetary space pirate, crash lands on Earth near the Davidson’s home, threatening the family’s anonymity. He causes turmoil and impacts on the Davidson’s assimilated existence. Now the world is introduced to the Dual family for what it is. Will the world accept them? Will human and dual kind be able to unite to face another threat from space?

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