NaNoWriMo prep month October 2019

October is here and thoughts of the big November challenge looms. I’m thinking of being a NaNoWriMo rebel so will edit only. I need to whip my Microworld and Microworld Undersea manuscripts into shape, the shape of one book.

Moving house has left us still with a room full of boxes that will eventually be a spare room with sofa bed desk and bookshelf. Till then l’m making do, hence the long time between posts. Right now we’re waiting on a dining table to eat our meals on, so it’s still a little way to go.

The best part about downsizing is being near our favourite beach. I mean a six minute walk. Our granddaughters came to visit with our darling daughter-in-law and they swam in the complex pool, walked to the beach, built sandcastles and paddled in the shallow. It’s wonderful to chill out.

The Ten Penners meeting on Saturday was good. Marion is getting her steam punk manuscript assessed at the SCWBI conference in November. Go Marion! Louisa is moving forward with her editing and writing creating her Utopia stories. Our newest member Chez Rafter showcases her children’s picture books on her blog. Kate is just back from her overseas adventures. Lindy, Julie and l keep plodding or should l say plotting along with our stories. Julie hopes to enter the story she read, which was really good, into a story story competition. Michelle Calder shared her notes from the CYA conference.

I have five book reviews to write. I’d love to join Marion at the SCWBI conference in November but not sure if time or budget will manage it.

On this glorious public holiday Monday we’re going to lunch with friends. Have a wonderful day everyone. – Jill