Wildflower Hill by Kimberley Freeman reviewed by Jill Smith

wildflower hill coverHaving read many of Kim Wilkins books in the Gothic Horror genre such as ‘Angel of Ruin’, or Gina Champion young adults series, when my friend said you should read Kimberley Freeman books, I thought I’d give her a go in this genre.

The story in the present bound together with a story from the past.

Beattie is a young woman in trouble. What will she do? Her Henry finds her and takes her away with him to Tasmania, on the other side of the world, away from Glasgow in Ireland. A few short years later with Lucy her daughter, she finds life difficult. Henry gambles and drinks away their money. She’s always having to ask for credit and when it runs out, she is desperate. Henry becomes abusive and Beattie takes matters into her own hands.

Emma, Beattie’s grand daughter, is a prima ballerina and she knows nothing of her grandmother’s past life or struggles. She is self-absorbed in her world in London. Her grandmother had died but left her ample fortune to charity. A point of contention for Emma’s mother and uncle. When Emma is ditched by her boyfriend her world comeskimberly freeman bio pic crashing down around her. She pushes her body too hard, then knee injury forces her to return to Sydney to her mother. That’s when she discovers that Beattie left something in her will for her, a house in Tasmania called Wildflower Hill. What she learns there when cleaning up the house to sell, is that Beattie had a mysterious past. In searching for answers, Emma learns a lot about herself, makes friends and discovers that the life she believes she is wanting may not be her future.

I loved this story and know that from now on anything Kimberley Freeman will be on my to read list. But that not surprising as I’ve always loved her writing.

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3. SCBWI Queensland

Source: 3. SCBWI Queensland

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Quest Chasers – The Deadly Cavern book review by Jill Smith

Quest Chasers – The Deadly Cavern

by Grace LockhavenThomas LockhavenDavid Aretha 

Goodreads review by Jill Smith July 2017

This book starts with a simple fantastic story well told by a student in front of his class.

Quest Chasers -The Deadly Cavern cover

Drew Morris has his audience is spellbound as he describes his life and death struggle, until, the class laugh and dismiss the whole story as fantasy. Only two of members of the class believe the tale could be based in fact.

Eevie and Tommy are inseparable best friends who tell Drew they believe his story. They decide to get proof that the knarled and creepy tree in the local park could really be killing people. They don’t plan on being trapped in a cavern facing menacing obstacles. The dangers they meet are simply horrendous but their devotion to each other overcomes the odds.

The ending is perfect in that their escape should mean an end to the ordeal, but, is it? Clearly, this is the first book in series and one I intend to follow up on.

This is another surprising book that I wouldn’t normally read but for The Book Review Directory review requests.

This is a well-written polished book. I enjoyed it very much.

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Back to reading now, just love it …

After our whirlwind trip overseas we are now just about over the jet lag and I’ve been catching up on my reading.

when the lyrebird calls coverWithin four days I’d read two books, the first ‘When the Lyrebird Calls’ by Kim Kane.

I’d put this book on Goodreads before going on holiday kim kane bio picand read it in two days on our return. That means it grabbed me from the start and was a real page turner.

After seeing Kim Kane at Somerset Literature Festival earlier this year, I was intrigued to see how her detailed research would help the book evolve. I was delighted to see how the history of pre-Federation Australia wound its way into this time slip story.

carole wilkinson bio picTwo days later I’d read ‘Dragonkeeper’ by Carole Dragonkeeper coverWilkinson.

This is an amazing book that I thoroughly enjoyed.

A slave girl without a name learns how to look after a dragon and discovers her own inner strength and abilities. Ancient China, Han Dynasty comes alive within these pages.

This is a series I will need to complete, and soon.

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Liverpool magical musical tour…

Waking up to a Liverpool morning on the 22nd June

imageWe began a walk to the docks and took a ride on the Liverpool Eye. Then strolled on to the Liverpool Museum and saw and eight-minute surround sound film on the Beatles show and the stage John and Paul met.

Left there to take the obligatory snap with The Fab Four statue on the imageEsplanade.

outside the Cavern Club

The highlight of the day though, The Cavern Club! Truly magical with a live singer stirring the Beatles songs and we sang till we had no voices left.





(this draft post got caught in an internet wormhole)




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Time traveling…

Tregothnan Estate is where quality tea is produced. We had a walk around the gardens then had a tea tasting.

Then we went onto Charlestown and after that onto Fowey which is simply charming!

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Traveling for inspiration…

I’m certain that Port Isaac has been a sought after destination long before Doc Marin graced the township. It is a magical little fishing based village, with narrow streets and quaint cottages. image

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