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Back to reading now, just love it …

After our whirlwind trip overseas we are now just about over the jet lag and I’ve been catching up on my reading. Within four days I’d read two books, the first ‘When the Lyrebird Calls’ by Kim Kane. I’d put … Continue reading

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My Year in books 2016 Goodreads

The following list does not include unpublished manuscripts I’ve read for writing friends. I’m now reflecting on the year and how much I have accomplished and how much more I hope to have done. It’s been one of those learning … Continue reading

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What do you like most about books?

      I’ve been reading lots again, no surprise in that! I’ll be posting more reviews shortly. Some because I’ve been asked to read them and others just because I like YA’s and good Australian Authors. I recently joined … Continue reading

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Happy Australia Day – bookcrossing.com

Happy Australia Day! I had a great day with friends at a BBQ celebrating with Aussie music, food, a back yard pool, whip cracking, egg and spoon races and sack races. If someone mentions they have a book they picked … Continue reading

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Books read to 15 Aug 2014 – will I reach my 50 books read target?

The Help by Kathryn Stockett The Book Thief by Markus Zusak Shadows by Paula Western London’s Falling by David Byerlee Shadow of a Soldier by Kate Russell Chameleon by Kathy Stewart I re read two of my all time best … Continue reading

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