Urban Fantasy

In a similar vein to The Book Review Directory, I’ve been sent freebies from authors in this genre. I’ve downloaded one and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve decided to add this group to my spreadsheet and when I read and review a book I’ll post it here and on my main page.

Raven's Flight coverBook Review by Jill Smith©April18

Title: Raven’s Flight: A Dragon Romance

Author: Chrys Cymri

He realized he was being born when all the eggs of his brothers and sisters were being popped out, why was he different. He clawed at the womb to stay inside, his body was out of a shell, but couldn’t stop being born. His mother lashed out at him. He had to escape before she killed him. She gave him a name but flew at him with talons bared.  Why was she trying to kill him?

He escaped by seeing a point in the sky. A light drew him away from the longhouse, away from his family and the certain death inflicted by his mother. He arrived at a lake, he could have drowned, but he was saved by a woman. Her name was Audrey. She nursed him back to health. He learned to speak with her help, he grew and she instructed him to help her around her house. She was isolated and alone. She’d crashed her plane there a long time ago. Where were they? When were they? Audrey knew it wasn’t Earth and it wasn’t London. She longed to return to her home.

She named him Raven and he was glad to help her. He realised he could find things. He found out he was a seeker, he could find anything. For a long time, he was too weak to fly and Audrey worked hard to ensure they would be both fed during the long cold winter by the lake. She longed to go to London and she encouraged Raven to explore places with his talent and to find a way back to her home.Chrys Cymri bio pic 1

Raven realised as an adult he’d become more than protective and caring of Audrey and he would do anything to help her. He learned how to use his seeking abilities and to find a journey plan to London. He wondered where they would go once they’d arrived. Audrey had other plans.

Raven is a beautiful dragon with many talents and a deep love for Audrey. This novella is the origin of the urban fantasy ‘Penny White’ series.

I enjoyed Raven’s Flight so much I had to get more, so here’s the next book I’ve read by Chrys Cymri. The author is a Minister in England and her ‘Penny White’ character is also a Minister. She wrote these books over twenty years ago and has a catalogue of books I’ll be putting on my iPad to savour.

The Dragon Throne coverBook Review by Jill Smith©April2018

Title: The Dragon Throne (The Four Kingdoms #1)

Author: Chrys Cymri

In the woods of the unicorn herd, the Prancer, who has two colours on his flank. Unheard of in the unicorns, as each has a colour denoting their place in the herd. Prancer loses his milk-brother to an attack by a dragon. He takes an oath to retrieve part of his milk-brothers horn that was embedded in the eye of the dragon during the battle. Prancer leaves the safety of the woods and the herd to travel across the human kingdoms to seek the killer. He learns the complex ways of humans and their relationships, wondering if he’ll ever meet the red-haired human he dreamt of in his future telling.

Fianna is the only child of King Stannard and Queen Fiona, and she always expected to become the next Keeper of the Dragon Throne. When her mother dies her father mourns with her for only the customary time allowed. Then his friend brings his daughter to help run the castle who becomes his second wife. Fianna decides to stay away from the interloper by working in the castle stables. When Fianna realises her father’s new bride could bear another heir, she leaves Secondus, the town she loves to live with her aunt, who has her own reasons for teaching Fianna the intricate dealings of deceit and manipulation.

While living with her aunt Fianna meets and befriends a kindly pig herder who has a Chrys Cymri bio pic 2talent with animals and contact with the Earth. She meets a dragon with a part of a horn in its eye. The pig herder helps heal the dragon and Fianna takes the piece of unicorn horn. She is flattered when the pig herder asks her to wear his band, as a promise of marriage, but she dismisses him as she is a princess. The proposal comes on the day that Fianna discovers her father, King Stannard has died and her stepmother is near to giving birth, she must travel back to the castle where some guards are planning to take over the Kingdom. For her to take her rightful place she must summon the dragons to gain approval to take over the leadership of the kingdom.

While making the perilous journey to the Dragon’s mountain kingdom, Fianna comes across The Prancer who had been viciously attacked by trained unicorn hunting dogs. He is near to death, and although she is to be Keeper of the Dragon Throne, she helps heal the unicorn. Prancer is kind and honest and they become close friends and travel on together. Even though Fianna soon realised Prancer could be saved the arduous journey by her simply handing over the part of the unicorn horn he seeks, she keeps this knowledge from him.

I loved this book and could easily be a huge fan of urban fantasy if this is an example of that genre.